2 Intelligent Ways To Reply Na Interviewer When Asked How Much Salary You Want To Be Offered


What salary do you think is appropriate for your position? How much do you want to be paid? What do you think is the correct salary? These are all questions that will one day be asked in an interview. And that gets tough because most candidates really don’t know how to answer. If you answer wrong, it can ruin your job.

According to statistics, more than 70% of job seekers do this in order to get a better salary, which is a better standard of living. Therefore, in order to understand salary issues, every candidate must understand the three procedures.

* Try to postpone the conversation

This gives you the opportunity to tell the interviewer more about yourself, your skills and your previous work experience. This will help the interviewer have a clearer idea of ​​you and increase your margins, as well as help the interviewer understand and weigh the number you may be able to contact. So something like that can be said.

“I’m looking for a competitive package that takes benefits and other forms of compensation into account, but I’d like to learn more about job demands first.”

Add questions to the interviewer.

This is a smart step you need to take. That way, the interviewer can pay you a certain amount for the position in question. That way you won’t call it low or high because if the position attracts a large number of candidates, they most likely won’t negotiate and you are very likely to miss out on the opportunity. So the ideal is to say something like that

“In general, I expect the equivalent of the current employee. I believe I can be a great asset to this company and, if you agree, I will appreciate your offer.”

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