4 cheapest states to marry a beautiful wife from in Nigeria.


4 cheapest states to marry a beautiful wife from in Nigeria.

Here are shall be looking at some States which charge as low as 5000 naira as their bride price.

1. Ebonyi State

Ebonyo state come first on the list because they are peace-loving people, so I will advice you to check on Ebonyi state because you will always be welcome by the parents of your bride to be.

2. Anambra State

Anambra state will not be left out of this list, Anambra parents don’t charge high on bride price. With just some ceremonial rites, wrappers, and drinks, you can take your wife instantly

3. IMO State

Imo state is no doubt one of the states with the most beautiful women in Nigeria, should in case you want a wife from there, don’t be afraid of the bride price because it’s not that much in the state.

4. Enugu State

Woman from Enugu are very beautiful and respectful, They are also good cooks. Getting a wife from there should not be expensive either.

Normally, the expenditure of a bride price in the eastern part of the country is affordable. The expenses come when you choose to enjoy it in a big way

Do you agree with this above listed state??

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  1. I don’t believe this, every state have beautiful ladies to proud of and term of bride price depend on families not the state because the pride price didn’t have fix price that supports by any custom