Delta: Okowa Builds A Church Worth Over N400Million To Bring About Peace And Unity To The State


Delta: Okowa Builds A Church Worth Over N400Million To Bring About Peace And Unity To The State

With over one thousand churches spread across oil-rich Delta State, the Governor, Mr Ifeanyi Okowa is set to add another to the state, as a state project.

In the yet to be signed Proposed 2020 Revised Budget, Okowa has asked the State House of Assembly to approve for him the sum of N400 million to build a church in Asaba, which they have since passed into law awaiting his assent.

The project which is under the Ministry of Housing is currenty under construction, with the Governor paying visit to the site to inspect how the work is going.

According to the pictures, the building from its view looks really big and beautiful, and it’s hopes to be really beautiful on the finishing.

According to reports, it was unveiled that an initial sum of N500 million was budgeted for the construction but was reviewed to N400 million as a result of the pandemic.

It is not yet obvious why Governor Okowa decided to build by dipping his hands into public purse.

Recall that Governor Nyesom Wike in May 2017 commissioned the one he built stating the need for Christians to unite in the State and his election promise as his reason for the project.

According to Mr Festus Ochonogor, the Commissioner for Housing, who exclaimed in awe when asked on the economic importance of the project to Deltans, stating that the project’s aim is towards peace building and social integration.

Mr Festus further said that the Interdenominational worship centre which will be funded by money from taxpayers and will compliment other aspects of Job creation in the State.

He also questioned the reason why Governor Okowa would be asked the reason for building a church that will bring about unity and why not ask Gov. Nyesom Wike of Rivers State why he also built.

He concluded that the project is important to the people and cannot be overlooked and moreso other things are in the budget.

Thumbs up for the Governor of Delta State on his church projects.

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  1. Which country is this now, is like our leadership Don turns our resource to their own property, how can a good government under this bad economic situation in country and use the little he has to build one house to call it church, what for? Are they telling me there is no unemployment in that state to invest on ?