Nigeria Gov. Directs Grade Level 12, 13 Workers To Resume Duties


President Mohammadu Buhari

Nigeria Gov. Directs Grade Level 12, 13 Workers To Resume Duties

The Head of Service of the Federation (HoS), Dr Folasade Yemi- Esan, has directed the resumption of duties and being in the office on every working day with effect from August 10, 2020, of civil servants at grade 12 and 13 and those of critical services.

The order followed President Muhammadu Buhari ‘s acceptance last week of the presidential task force ‘s recommendations on COVID-19 on the reinstatement of the officers affected.

In the circular released yesterday, which THE GAZETTE NIGERIA viewed, Yemi-Esan noted that all permanent secretaries and chief executives should identify the staff performing critical duties in their MDAs, while also advising that consideration should be given to the health implications of the number of duties to be recalled in relation to the current guidelines on measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19.

She appealed to the officers to ensure complete compliance with the pandemic and preventive COVID-19 orders, including social distancing, daily hand washing and face mask wear.

The HoS has tasked the resuming staff with efforts to prevent overcrowding in individual offices, adding that where there is a large number of those resuming work, the permanent secretaries and CEOs will consider the option of drawing up duty rosters.

Meanwhile, PTF ‘s National Coordinator on COVID-19, Dr Aliyu Sani, has advanced reasons for not allowing all staff from level 12 and below to resume work.

Speaking at yesterday’s PTF briefing, he said the intervention steps placed in place by the PTF were incremental in order to prevent chaos at the offices as all the staff are permitted to resume simultaneously.

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