People Who Never Survived In Mocking God; Number 3 Was Fatal


People Who Never Survived In Mocking God; Number 3 Was Fatal

Mocking God is a serious crime, God is the creator of the universe, he is merciful but he should never be mocked. Many people have showed great foolishness, by mocking God and they never live to tell the tale.

Let’s look at some people who mocked God and were punished greatly for it.

1. Tancredo Neves who was supposed to be the president of the Brazil.

During the election day of Brazil Presidency, he made a statement saying, if he got up to 500,000 votes from his party not even God can take the Presidency away from him. He finally got his votes but unfortunately, he got sick a day before he was supposed to be sworn in as president, and he died.

2. Marilyn Monroe

Pastor Billy Graham visited Marilyn, and told her that he was asked to preach the gospel to her by the spirit of God, but she bluffed him saying she doesn’t need his Jesus.

She was found dead in her apartment, a week later after the incident.

3. Christine Hewitt

Christine made a terrible statement saying, the Bible was the worst book ever written in this life. A tragic event occurred, and she was found burnt beyond recognition in her own car in June 2006.

4. John Lennon

John Lennon was interviewed by a well known American magazine, during the interview he made a statement saying, Christianity will soon stop and it will disappear, and he was so certain about it. He added saying, his group was more famous than Jesus was in this life. He made this statement in 1966. After making this statement he was shot six times.

5. Agenor Miranda Araújo Neto popularly known as ‘Cazuza’.

He was smoking at a concert in Canecio, in Rio de Janeiro, and puffed out some smoke into the air and said, God that smoke in the air is for you.

He died of lung cancer, when he was 32 years in a very horrific manner on 7th June, 1990.

Many people don’t know that religion is something that is sacred, and it shouldn’t be toiled with. God exists and he should never be mocked to avoid his wrath.

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